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Live project on its way

Live act on its waySometimes, projects take time. That’s the case with this one.

I had the wish that one day, i’d work on creating my own live act, where i could develop an atmosphere, something singular. We started talking about this with WSK a year ago.

WSK is a collectiv of 3 very talented VJs from Lyon. They often collaborate with festivals and clubs (Rumble Festival, Les Nuits Sonores, Outlook Festival, Nordik impakt, Zoo Genèva…), and are responsible of both the visuals and stage designs. So i was pretty excited working with them, even tho i knew that collaborating with an artist was a new experience for them.

After month of discussions, of taking decisions and defining a direction, we’ve finally had the possibility to rehearse in september and october. We had the luck to be invited by les Abattoirs, a prestigious concert place in Bourguoin-Jallieux (they organise a wicked festival once a year called Electrochoc with a very forward thinking programmation), where we took time to put the first foundations of this project, creating visuals, testing different scenographies, testing the new tunes on a big sound system etc…

In October, we started our collaboration with a french structure called Projet Bizarre! specialised in helping such projects. They gonna help us shaping the whole project, in both administrativ/communication/promotion & technical ways. The first 5 days of collaboration was very inspiring. After month of working on our side, it was good showing the begining of our work, and debating about what we could do next.

There’s still loads to do, but the first video shoots we did are very promising. The vision i had is starting to take shape, which is very encouraging and exciting.

For this new project, i’ve worked on a total new tracklisting. The new tunes are still very tribal, but in a more techno/psychedelic way. I’m doing my best to make something different, something i feel very closed to.

Next step, january for 4 more days of work, and then, the premiere in Lyon on the 16th of january. I’m so looking forward to sharing it with you :)