Flore & WSK


First creation in 2014, first Audio/Visual Performance as RITUAL.




Solo projects:


French digital artist, Flore is widely known as an electronic music composer and dj.

Curious and creative, she has been interested in audiovisual performances for 7 years now, collaborating with visual artists practicing different techniques. If its musical and cultural roots go back to Jamaican sound systems, English psychedelic rock or breakbeats of all kinds, its culture and musical tastes cover a much larger territory, ranging from traditional African music, to minimalist current, or noise . She presented her work on many stages such as the Fusion Festival (DE), les Nuits Sonores (Lyon – FR) or even la Gaité Lyrique (Paris – FR).


Always looking for new challenges, in 2016 Flore obtained the Ableton Live Certification, making her the first woman in France to obtain this title (and 7th in the world!). She has been programming for 1 year on Max for Live / Max MSP (she followed the course offered by IRCAM in 2019). Professor within the EMIL-Training team, where she teaches music composition as well as the use of Live for stage performance, she collaborates with dancers and performers, in order to continue her search for news forms of transmedia writing. She has just released a new album called RITUALS, on her own label POLAAR.






New album “RITUALS” out on POLAAR
“Essential LP” Darkfloor April 20
“In a state of grace” 8,8/10 – Rumore April 20
“Razor Sharp and focussed” 8/10 Future Music April 20
“Rituals, à la fois mystérieux et dancefloor, à la fois grand public et très pointu, à la fois cohérent et kaléidoscopique” 8.7/10 SeekSickSound April 20



Boiler Room appearance:



Interview for Tsugi:






After several years of various technological experiments, Yannick launched the collective of artists WSK in 2007.

Composed of three members working in the field of visual and digital arts, they quickly specialized in VJing, scenography and cartography, each of them developing their favorite tools and specialities.


A follower of DIY culture, Yannick is an all-round artist, whose skills range from creation and visual animation, to installation of complex video devices, to cultural projects management. In recent years he has also led workshops on vjing and scenography, gives workshops to various audiences and started a general and audiovisual management activity (Video management of the Nuits Sonores festival, video reception at the Vaulx-en-Velin Planetarium , technical management for Erasme [metropolis of Lyon], but also on projects of international scope such as the general management of exhibitions by Adrien M and Claire B).




Stage design:


Transbordeur Rumble Festival 2014

Docks des Suds Marsatac 2015

Transbordeur Bal de l’INSA 2017

Transbordeur Mr Oizo 2018