Propelled by curiosity and meticulosity through the last two decades, Flore built her musical journey guided by risk and a generous creativity.

If her musical and cultural roots go back to jamaican sound systems, breaks and drum and bass, her musical culture and tastes cover a wider territory that ranges from Pink Floyd to Sun O))). This constant interest for new forms and sounds stands behind her path as the live artist she is now, from DJ through producer to being the first woman Ableton certified trainer in France.
As a DJ, she brought her explosive sets to numerous european clubs, venues and festivals such as Les Nuits Sonores, Fabric, Fusion Festival. Her Boiler Room set is memorable. Flore is a DJ renowned for the energy of the sets, the rowdiness she brings to the dancefloor and her ability to communicate with the public.

Her work capacity and diverse skills led her to collaborate with other artists in various contexts such as with Arandel at La Philarmonie de Paris in 2018 for an exclusive creation for the prestigious institution, working with theater directors and dancers. Crown on top of an already rich collections of gems, she is the boss lady of POLAAR, one of the most exciting musical label of these last years in France.
Flore has become a true master at tailoring her sound, often with a sense of anticipation of what was in sight on the electronic music scene : from “Raw “ (2010, Botchit & Scarper) predicting the global bass phenomenon to “Rituals” her second album (2020, POLAAR) cruising on a futuristic and personal interpretation of techno and breaks in all their various forms. Flore keeps the trip real, away from calculation and visibility preoccupation all of which make of her a genuine creative force in the european musical landscape and a sought after live act.


“Rituals”, Flore’s second album is the map of a new continent and worrisome dark lands inhabited by a primal energy. 10 music pieces, 10 clues shaping a musical territory where nothing is given, where everything has to be conquered. From “Aether” to “You were here”, “Rituals” explores multiple facets of an electronic music crafted with meticulosity. It seems here that all of Flore’s path to this second album, every influence, every idea, every reference is digested, understood, reinterpreted and feeds into new shapes, layers of textures, indented rhythmics and menacing bass lines.
An imaginary African continent presides to this exploration, cleansed of clichés and stereotypes, more present in atmospheres than drums. The narration of Rituals is a tortuous promenade starting with “Aether” a mid-tempo introduction to the journey, stumbling on “Coded Language” and its obsessive enigma dressed in lace-like beats, to “Sigui So”, named after the Dogon ritual commemorating Earth regeneration, unfolding its hypnotic percussions evoking an ancient gearing. “Rituals” an uncomfortable and hazy musing and its counterpart “Psykhé part 3” are like each side of the same intoxicated dream. On to “Numen” the almost martial injunction to the dancefloor, “A thousand years”, the electro gem sewn into an insane bass, “Congos” the majestic invitation to a collective exultation rite. It is the nostalgic and atmospheric poetry of “You were here” which closes down this exploration, like a regret.
“Rituals” is a very sharp piece of work by Flore who delivers the result of 20 years of work, experiment, encounters and curiosity, all knitted together in these 10 pieces of music. This album is the outcome of 5 years of work launched with the eponym audio/visual live performance and prolongated by 3 EP’s released on POLAAR. “Rituals”, even if dark in its essence, transpires a savage energy, and open doors to new musical landscapes constantly oscillating between interrupted daydreaming and furious dances. Altogether, “Rituals” draws the portrait of a threatened universe healing in collective sarabands.